Monday, March 7, 2011

A family photo

Left to Right from the back: John Scott Reeves, Bertha Reeves, (Dellas Alcorn?), Anna Reeves, Freida Etter, Percy Cravens, Laura Cravens.

Front row: John Etter, Clara Reeves Etter, Eldon Etter

It would not have been too long after this picture was taken that both John Etter and Clara passed away (I think, from TB). Bertha and Laura removed Freida and Eldon from an orphanage and raised them with the rest of the family.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Percy Paul Cravens

This photo says it was taken at Burnt Prairie, IL.

I remember sitting with my Grandpa in his room. We would each peruse one of his collection of National Geographics. I would often quiz him about his younger days, but have now forgotten most of what he told me. He restored and recaned furniture in his older years. He often complained of a sore throat and was always popping horehound candies to soothe it. He died of complications of enphysema.