Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paul "Tuffy" Cravens

I was so enjoying my daughters visit that I forgot to post to commemorate my Dad's birthday. This is the way I will always remember him. Tuffy Cravens worked for the Pure Oil and later Union 76 oil company for 40 years. He would leave the house about 6:30 with hislunchtime bacon and egg sandwich aroma lingering in the kitchen. On hot summer days, he would lay down on the cool linoleum floor of the kitchen for a quick nap after lunch. He would get home around 4:30. My Mom and I would walk to meet him when I was really small. When we lived in West Liberty, we would wait on the swing until his battered work truck pulled in.

If anyone knows of some of the other workers from the West Liberty Pure OIl camp, I would like to hear from them. I remember Emmet Walker, Elmer Neely, Bob Seymour and OOp.

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